Programs at the Academy are conceived to suit various types of players and are a combined result of our team members years of experience, continuous research into athletes needs and requirements, and insight gathered from renowned basketball professionals we cooperate with.
We provide teams and skills training in order to meet each player’s personal needs. Our highly qualified coaching staff are all former basketball players working to maximize each athlete’s ability.


    PRIVATE TRAINING / Bucketts with Beckett   coach: Dennis Beckett

    SKILL DEVELOPMENT  coach: Harley Story

    5 x 5 SITUATION SCRIMMAGE 6TH 12TH  coach: Dennis Beckett

    ALL AGE BALL SKILL  coach: Dennis Beckett

    3 x 3 HALFCOURT TRIANGLE  coach: Dennis Beckett

    4 x 4 FULL COURT PRESSURE coach: Dennis Beckett/Harley Story